No Time to

No Time to

No an ideal opportunity to part

There is a fall in the ethical norm

We frequently stroll over broken words

Take no consideration to remind others

also, such causing doubt and fears

We generally love to lecture

In any case, neglect to get

the important guidance

what’s more, express the shock

We are choosing not to see

What’s more, attempt

With the various goals

Accordingly flop in saving the connection


There is another faction

Among individuals to put the bogus show

What’s more, think it is the correct method to develop

It is prudent

To make the battle

What’s more, raise the level

To introduce and dominate

For what reason would we say we are doing all these?

At the point when it has no importance!

No remaining in the enlightened world

Furthermore, there is a strong contention

we need to turn into a tycoon

Yet, don’t have any desire to work more

Put in no coordinated endeavors

Furthermore, present it in parts

So it is worked out

Furthermore, noisily discussed

with a simple way and the snappy outcome

That is the way we are putting forth an attempts

Steady minded individuals will win in the end

Furthermore, definitively face

The circumstance in a positive manner

That is the manner by which we proceed and solidly remain

Our general public has plunged the where it counts

Also, made it known

That we live in the Dark Age!

What’s more, cause the harms

Why would that be an expansion in the crime percentage?

For what reason do we choose someone’s destiny?

We have no answer

We develop more fragile step by step

We are expecting to such an extent

Be that as it may, make an effort not to reach

By hard work

Also, with the consistent show all finished

We are failing to remember one perspective

The women endure more because of our demonstrations

Despite the fact that they are evaluated honorably

More assault endeavors are made by individuals every day

We will have no an ideal opportunity to cry tears

As everyone is undermined by the consistent feelings of dread

Who knows very well that from which bearing the threat may strike?

It isn’t the decision of our abhorrence or like

It is an open field

The perspectives are not forever held

In any case, we are inadequate with regards to determine

So neglect to unravel

Allow the things to move

Also, we negate

a whole methodology

As insufficient is done to reach

We have the restricted remain

Also, may disappear

causing everybody a deep sense of shock

With the entirety of the unexpected death

Keep no delay

Also, make the solid establishment

It is fundamental to have a decent compatibility

To cruise easily at the port

It is left to an own shrewdness

Also, that flops only from time to time

The words are brilliant

as to have descended from the paradise

Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta

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